Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miracles Happen

I never dreamed I'd do the amount of work I needed to in order to get ready for school Monday, when the new semester starts. I had just barely started my syllabus Thursday, though I had done study questions for the works we'll be studying and had two out of the three paper topics sussed out. But I didn't do the syllabus, which I need at least to SHOW the students the first day of class. That would be a first for me.
But today I skipped yoga, doing practice at home instead, and finished the syllabus! Then I went and had my hair colored, and while I waited for that, I planned my classes for the week, just about everything.
Feeling exhilarated, I went to my dad's house after that to take him out. He's been so depressed. He isn't shaving properly. His upper lip looks as though he's left the corners unshorn, as though for gleaners. So he smiled when I suggested we go to that sugar-free bakery we spied a couple of weeks ago, with just such a visit in mind. We poked through a charity consignment store in the same strip mall (mediocre), and he got himself a large print book to read too.
Then I did the grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. What an amazing thing! I won't feel guilty spending time at yoga class and that Chinese stance workshop Bob is teaching in Laguna tomorrow.


Lou said...

What a great day. The feeling of accomplishment is good medicine.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jeremy at Ralphs today. He looks so different from the last time I saw him. He is a lot taller. I did not approach him, because I was not sure he would remember me.


Robbi said...

Absolutely Lou!
You should have said hello Beth, though you're probably right that he wouldn't remember you.